Development Process

Sustainable Energy Partners has a proven track record of successful clean energy development projects.  Our focus is on energy efficiency and solar development.

Our primary mission is reducing energy costs and ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients.  As such, we tailor each project to the specific clients needs.  Depending on property characteristics and energy loads we identify the ideal technologies.  The SEP process allows for dynamic renewable energy projects capable of evolving with the industry.  Because we are product and vendor agnostic, we are able to evaluate the entire marketplace for the highest value renewable energy solution, and ensure the property owner’s needs come first.


Energy Efficiency Solar Energy LEEDThe first step in implementing a clean energy production facility for a commercial property is to identify opportunities for improved efficiency of energy processes and determine the potential for on-site clean energy production.

Energy Cost Analysis

We begin all of our projects with an in-depth analysis of historical utility usage and billing data.  This quantitative assessment provides the foundation for identifying energy improvements that will have the highest financial benefit.

Site Audit

In conjunction with the energy usage analysis, SEP will conduct a preliminary building audit to determine the potential for energy efficiency as well as renewable energy.  All projects are tailored to a building owner’s specific project goals.

SEP technicians approach each project with a holistic method to sustainability when conducting site visits.  We identify opportunities to improve water efficiency, air quality, waste management and other sustainable building aspects.

If there is interest on behalf of the building owner to pursue LEED Certification, you can learn more about our LEED Certification Support services.  

Design & Engineer

Energy Efficiency Solar Energy LEEDWhen the opportunity to improve the energy performance of a building has been identified, SEP ensures that these upgrades are incorporated seamlessly from both an aesthetic as well as operational standpoint.


SEP technicians will design the energy systems detailing specific technologies, balance of system components, layout, etc.  We can design our systems to integrate directly into the existing architecture of a building.

Each clean energy system requires different design solutions based on existing building infrastructure.  SEP designs energy systems to ensure maximum production and efficient operation for the life of the system.


Energy Efficiency Solar Energy LEEDSEP is able to provide turn key financing solutions allowing building owners to benefit from clean renewable energy with zero up front capital costs. 

Government and Utility Incentives

There are many subsidies available from both local and federal governments capable of lowering project costs.  SEP will ensure our clients take full advantage of all incentives available in the marketplace.

Financing Solutions

Because many of the available subsidies are tax related, it can be difficult for certain parties to take full advantage of these types of incentives.  Other parties may wish to reserve capital for their core business activities and do not wish to be responsible for purchasing and maintaining a renewable energy system. 

It is for these reasons that SEP offers an array of financing solutions.  Depending on a project’s financing needs, SEP will arrange for a solution whereby a property owner will benefit from reduced energy costs with no up-front capital.  Typically this is done through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a lease structure. 


Mission PlazaBy acting as project developer from conception to completion, SEP is able to ensure efficient management and thorough consideration of project needs throughout.


With equipment specifications identified, SEP will procure the equipment through established supply lines to ensure competitive pricing.  Our product agnostic approach assures that the equipment installed is the best available solution based on project characteristics.


SEP project managers oversee the installation of the equipment to ensure project specifications are met.  We ensure the highest quality of workmanship utilizing professional installation teams geographically central to the installation.

Operations and Maintenance

Energy Efficiency Solar Energy LEEDSEP’s services do not end with the installation of the energy system.  We work with facilities managers to ensure the energy facility is maintained properly and will produce the maximum amount of energy over the life of the system. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Once installation is completed, SEP will train building technicians on proper operation and maintenance of their energy production facility.  SEP will conduct annual site surveys to ensure the system is operating at maximum capacity and will be involved with any necessary equipment repairs or upgrades.


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