Sustainable Energy Partners is dedicated to helping our customers integrate sustainable technologies into successful business practices. We approach every project holistically, addressing technology, business needs, and marketing.

John Humphrey
Chief Technology Officer, Principal, LEED AP


John founded Sustainable Energy Partners in 2005 and has worked in the renewable energy industry since 2002.  John opened SEP's New York office in 2008, and has experience working on energy projects in Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Scotland. He is also a volunteer for Engineers Without Borders and recently spent time in Haiti helping power a school with solar energy.  Born and raised in Puerto Rico, John is fluent in Spanish.

John holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University.  John regularly teaches workshops on renewable energy, sustainable design, and interactive technology. He has helped build solar cars and biodiesel conversions but is hoping to someday have (or build) a plug-in hybrid reversible fuel cell car. These days he prefers the New York City subways.



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